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This is NOT a joke — Yuval Harari, WEF contributor, suggests DRUGS and COMPUTER GAMES for 'USELESS PEOPLE'

This is NOT a joke — Yuval Harari, WEF contributor, suggests DRUGS and COMPUTER GAMES for 'USELESS PEOPLE'

It’s certainly ironic that the World Economic Forum, an international organization supposedly dedicated to improving the state of the world, harbors the idea that people can be “meaningless and worthless.”

That’s a direct quote from Yuval Noah Harari, advisor to Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF.

Harari predicts that future developments in artificial intelligence will inevitably result in mass unemployment.

“The biggest question in maybe all of economics and politics of the coming decade will be what to do with all of the useless people,” Harari says.

By “useless people,” he means all of the displaced workers who used to have jobs before AI ripped them from their hands.

He is concerned that this unfortunate group will become bored and need some way to find meaning in their lives because “they’re basically meaningless and worthless,” he says.

How gracious of him to consider the plight of the expendables.

But lucky for them, Harari, in all his profound wisdom, is already thinking toward a solution: “My best guess at present is a combination of drugs and computer games as a solution for most.”

No, that is not a joke. That is not taken out of context. He actually suggests total incapacitation as a solution for unemployed people.

And yet somehow it gets even worse.

“Transhumanism boiled down to its bones is pure eugenics,” Harari says.

For those who don’t know, transhumanism is the theory that humans can essentially become immortal by evolving beyond their current physical and mental limitations while eugenics is the study and practice of tampering with gene pools to increase the likelihood of desirable traits while reducing the likelihood of undesirable traits.

“History began when humans invented gods,” Harari says, “and will end when humans become gods.”

“Only the non-useless [people] will go along with transhumanism,” he continues.

This kind of thinking and talk might be great inspiration for the next big dystopian novel, but to even consider these ideas played out in reality is beyond despicable.

Harari’s message “certainly has echoes from our history,” Stu says.

And it’s absolutely true – Hitler, who was also a supporter of eugenics, preached similar ideas to brainwash the Germans.

Unfortunately, many Germans thought, “No, it’s the shiny new future,” Glenn says, “and they allowed it to happen because the old system wasn’t working.”

Our current system may not be working, but “we must not allow it to happen this time,” Glenn pleads.

To learn about what you can do to combat the insanity of Harari and others like him, watch the full clip here.

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