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This is why Glenn WANTS a government shutdown — and ALL TAXPAYERS should too

This is why Glenn WANTS a government shutdown — and ALL TAXPAYERS should too

The United States is yet again on the verge of a government shutdown, but Glenn Beck and Pat Gray are anything but concerned.

“The beauty of a government shutdown,” Pat explains, is that they will have to spend less of our money.

Both Glenn and Pat are well aware that there’s a lot of unnecessary government spending, and none of the taxpayers would miss it.

“The House Republicans are working hard today to get everybody on the same page, and that is, yeah, we should stop spending all of this money,” Glenn says. “What do you say we just start with a few things like, no, the taxpayer shouldn’t pay for abortions and send people on a vacation at our expense.”

And they’re not alone. Even “60 Minutes” has noticed the unusual amount of government spending, which the outlet reported on, to Glenn’s surprise.

“When’s the last time ‘60 Minutes’ actually did something where you cared about it? Well, they did this weekend,” he says.

“American taxpayers are financing more than just weapons. We discovered the U.S. government’s buying seeds and fertilizer for Ukrainian farmers and covering the salaries of Ukraine’s first responders — 57,000 of them,” the report said.

“You know, we’re also paying the government salaries, and we’re paying the people’s social security, okay? We’re not even paying it here. And every dollar that we print to send over there is causing inflation here,” Glenn says, though he is not surprised.

“It’s almost like it was designed to be this way. While we are getting poorer and poorer, they’re getting bailed out by our government,” he adds.

The "60 Minutes" report also noted that our taxpayer dollars are helping small businesses in Ukraine, which Glenn finds infuriating.

When COVID-19 made landfall in the U.S. and the government shut down small businesses but kept places like Home Depot open, many small businesses failed. The government seemed okay with it then.

“What’s happening here is we are destroying ourselves,” Glenn says.

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