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Glenn: New TikTok filter could be DISASTROUS for society

Glenn: New TikTok filter could be DISASTROUS for society

TikTok has just released a new “Glamour” filter, and Glenn Beck is worried about what the consequences will be for young girls.

“The Chinese Government has just introduced a new filter on TikTok that’s going to be really good for all of us, especially our girls,” Glenn says sarcastically.

According to Glenn, the filter is making beautiful, average, and even not-so-good-looking women look like models.

Stu is also concerned about what this means for the youth, asking “What is this going to do to people?”

“Everyone’s going to want to look like this,” Stu adds, “especially when you have an entire society based around turning people into broadcasters.”

While Glenn says this could prove damaging to how those who use the filter are received, or view themselves, out in the real world, Stu says that it hardly matters.

“There is no out in public; there’s just this camera. There’s just the social media.”

Glenn calls it “hollow.”

“Let's say you become famous because you’re so beautiful, but you’re only beautiful in the virtual world and you get all kinds of attention and all kinds of love,” he says, “and you’re so hot and then you go out in the real world and you’re the dog-face boy. You’re not going to want to be out in public any more.”

Not only is this going to ruin the confidence of young women who use it, TikTok has already been a danger to Americans everywhere.

“When you have TikTok, correct me if I’m wrong, they monitor everything. So if you do your banking online, that’s all being sent to the Chinese communist government,” Glenn warns.

However, Stu says most people won’t care.

“A lot of people are like ‘Well, I don’t care, I never do anything that I would have a problem with, you know, the public or having the Chinese have access, I don’t do anything,’” he says.

“And I get that.”

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