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'Racism is contagious': Vilified professor doubles down on warning about growing anti-'whiteness' ideology

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'It will flow out into society and be adopted widely, to the detriment of EVERY person'

University of Vermont psychotherapy professor Aaron Kindsvatter is facing backlash from students calling for his resignation after he posted a video on YouTube titled, "Racism and the Secular Religion at the University of Vermont." But Kindsvatter isn't backing down.

Kindsvatter joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Monday to explain just how dangerous critical race theory is to our society. Specifically, he explained, critical race theory has "frightening" effects on the mental health of our kids — both white children and children of color.

"Children need a particular environment in which to flourish, and it's an environment where no conditions are placed upon their sense of self-worth," Kindsvatter said. "You don't convey to a child that they are good or bad based on what they do. And this ideology [critical race theory], and in particular Kendi's version of antiracism, establishes very strict parameters of viewing one's self and other people as other good or evil — but in Kendi's language, he's using the terms 'racist' or 'antiracist'."

Kindsvatter warned that this type of "crude and destructive" thinking will not remain focused on "whiteness," but will (and in many ways already is) be used to manipulate any group or individual that doesn't conform to their ideology.

"It is saying that, in order to be an acceptable person, you must first claim fealty to this ideology," Kindsvatter said. "And I would just add to that, children of color ... they are not safe from this either. Because if they don't toe this line, then ... there are lots of interesting names that are being created within academia for them. The one that I've just heard recently, that's come out, is 'multi-racial whiteness.' And it's a way to take a person of color, or a black person, and say, 'well, you're just white,' which is meant to be an insult from that perspective."

"So, this conversation can get derailed by thinking of this in terms of a 'white thing' or a 'black thing," he continued. "What this really is, is it's a racist thing. It's racism. And racism is contagious. All it needs is a foothold in an air of legitimacy, and then it will flow out into society and be adopted widely, to the detriment of every person. And the University of Vermont, right now, is ... presenting this as a form of intellectual refinement. And, right now, it gains legitimacy."

Watch the video below for more details:

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