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Was Maui’s DEADLY wildfire a GOVERNMENT or CLIMATE disaster?

Was Maui’s DEADLY wildfire a GOVERNMENT or CLIMATE disaster?

The devastating wildfires in Maui are now confirmed to have left at least 111 people, including children, dead. Authorities expect there to be more, with most of the burn zone still left to search.

This is undoubtedly a tragedy, but the White House and corporate media have wasted no time telling Americans that the wildfires were caused by — you guessed it — climate change.

According to them, the solution is to give the government even more power over the American people.

Glenn Beck isn’t buying it and reads an article from the Mises Institute that he thinks spells the real story out perfectly.

“The most destructive natural disasters are never 100% natural,” the article begins. “Human choices, land use, and government policies play a big role in how harmful hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, flash floods and wildfires are to affect communities.”

“It has become clear that government failure did much to make this disaster worse and possibly even started it while the so-called experts are blaming climate change and in the process demanding that government grab even more power and authority,” Beck continues.

And while the government is acting surprised, its leaders were warned of this impending disaster.

Nearly a decade ago, the Hawaii Wildlife Management Organization warned the government that the area around Lahaina — a city that sits on the west coast of Maui — was extremely fire prone due to frequent downslope winds, steep terrain, and dry grass.

The government did next to nothing.

Another report in 2020 claimed an invasive species of flammable grass was all over surrounding fields and that strong winds could fuel fires on the islands.

The flames were then first spotted near an area full of electrical infrastructure that is mainly operated by Hawaiian Electric.

When the flames reached the Lahaina Bypass, residents had been told to conserve water to preserve water pressure. Electricity had mostly been turned off.

“The flames moved swiftly into Lahaina at 4:46 pm. One minute after the county government finally sent out an alert to warn the city’s population, largely without power, about the flare-up that had occurred over an hour before,” Glenn reads.

“Once fire broke out, a combination of defective water infrastructure, terrible communication by government officials, and only one escape route doomed the people of Lahaina to the worst wildfire experience in this country in over a hundred years.”

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