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What 'Oppenheimer' DIDN'T TELL YOU about the atomic bomb attacks

What 'Oppenheimer' DIDN'T TELL YOU about the atomic bomb attacks

Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer" is a box office hit.

The film depicts J. Robert Oppenheimer’s internal struggles with creating the atomic bomb. While he knew its creation could bring about the end of World War II, he also knew it could bring about the destruction of the world.

However, what the film doesn’t do is what Glenn Beck just did: bring to life what really happened during the atomic bomb attacks.

Glenn reads an original letter — which he just acquired for his museum — penned by the copilot of the Enola Gay to his parents.

“We are loaded. The bomb is now alive. It’s a disturbing and funny feeling, knowing it’s right in back of you,” he writes.

“There in front of our eyes was it,” the letter continues, “without a doubt, the greatest explosion man has ever witnessed.”

“I am certain the entire crew felt this experience was more than any human had ever thought possible. It just seems impossible to comprehend. Just how many did we kill?” the copilot added.

The letter isn’t all Glenn has in his possession.

“Because Oppenheimer saw what could be done,” Glenn explains, “and all of the scientists involved knew the destructive power, they made Truman a deal. You can only drop this if you warn the people.”

Glenn has also acquired leaflets that the U.S. distributed to the Japanese people who were in danger from the atomic bomb.

“They say you’re not our enemies, we’re picking these ten cities, and in the next ten days we will drop a bomb of more destructive power than is imaginable,” Glenn says.

According to Glenn, 70 million of these leaflets were dropped.

“Nobody had ever done that ever, in the history of the world.”

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