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Why were THESE 3 Jan. 6 riot facts KEPT from the American people?

Why were THESE 3 Jan. 6 riot facts KEPT from the American people?

There are 41,000 hours of video footage from the January 6 Capitol riot, but the U.S. Capitol Police are fighting to stop the public from ever seeing it.

Investigative journalist Steve Baker is one of the only five known journalists with access to the footage, and he believes the footage would change the public’s view on the riot.

Glenn Beck is convinced they’re hiding something.

“This is the people’s videotape. This is the people’s House, the people’s Capitol, and we’re not allowed to see the videotape. I don’t buy it’s not for a reason that is less than dark,” Glenn tells Baker.

Glenn spoke to a former Capitol Police officer recently who only heightened his suspicions surrounding the riot.

“He said nobody knows who Julie Farnam is, and everyone should know,” Glenn says, asking Baker to tell him what he knows.

Baker notes that Farnam, who came from Homeland Security, was hired by the Capitol Police just three months before January 6 and was brought in to basically revamp the division itself.

When Farnam testified after the riot, she was clear that there was significant intel, “specifically that there were going to be a large number of armed and with weapons protesters coming to the Capitol that day,” Baker tells Glenn.

He adds that the background he’s done on Farnam doesn’t give him any indication that she herself had any nefarious intent.

“But I will tell you that again, going back to her testimony before the select committee, that there are more clues about what Lieutenant Johnson said in that she absolutely called an intelligence meeting with the upper echelon of Capitol Police leadership and this was on January 4,” Baker adds.

Baker then tells Glenn something that the American people have remained in the dark about.

“The fact that they knew — and this is very, very important for the American people to know — is not only that they had the intelligence, and it wasn’t just from their own internal analysts, this intelligence of a significant event that was coming their way was testified to by many other sources,” he says.

He adds that the “other thing that Americans don’t know is that the Capitol Police themselves had issued at least six what they call First Amendment protest permits for that day.”

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