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Leftists are LYING about what 'WOKE' actually means

Leftists are LYING about what 'WOKE' actually means

According to the leftists on Twitter, conservatives can’t define the term “woke.”

They’ve now tied the term, being as delusional as ever, with the N-word.

You can’t make this up.

But man, did Glenn Beck show them.

Not only did Beck annihilate their accusation, he wrote up a nice, long definition for those on the left to try and deconstruct — and perhaps if they're capable of regaining any semblance of self awareness for a second — take a deep, long, look in the mirror.

Beck defines “woke” here.

He says, “Woke is not just to be aware, but to bow down to the new societal hierarchies and issues to place, for instance, race in the opposite place that Martin Luther King placed it. Color of skin is once again over content of character (see, anti-racist).”

He continues onto definition number two, “What was first sold as compassion with political correctness, wokism is the real face and meaning behind political correctness. If you are not woke, you are literally politically incorrect. Thus, the state and its allies in the administrative state, the media, high-tech academia, and those public-private partners that make up corporatism can silence, isolate, and destroy.”

If you thought he was done, you’re wrong.

“It is the ultimate manifestation of Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals.' It gives the social justice warriors and community-organizers power over the many. It’s shorthand for ageism — ’okay, olds, you don’t get it.’ It is an anathema to the Bill of Rights. It is a danger to free thinking, intellectual growth, and curiosity. It is the exact device used by people like Stalin ... make no mistake, it is a weapon.”

In essence, “woke” is political correctness turned into a weapon.

Glenn knows that, and the left obviously doesn’t.

He parts with a nice message for the rest of us sane folk, “Wokism will destroy itself. It’s already on fire. It just hasn’t noticed it yet, as every time that this kind of political correctness — literal political correctness — happens, it never recognizes that it’s almost done.”

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