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'Your voice WORKS': Liberty Safe RESPONDS to backlash over FBI 'backdoor access'

The Glenn Beck Program

If you take the DOJ seriously, you might be swayed to think that, as Stu Burguiere puts it, “all insurrections start with Infowars-branded Space Force shirts.”

This is what the DOJ noted 34-year-old Nathan Hughes to be wearing on January 6th, when he allegedly assisted rioters in physical attacks on the police.

Hughes was charged with a felony offense of civil disorder and several misdemeanor offenses related to the protest at the Capitol.

FBI agents arrested Hughes and raided his home in Arkansas, where they found a locked gun safe. They then contacted the company that made his safe to get his access code. Liberty Safe — one of the largest gun safe manufacturers in the country and whose marketing caters to freedom-loving Americans — complied.

The company gave the access code of a private citizen to the FBI because the agency had a basic warrant, and now Liberty Safe faces a similar fate to that of Bud Light.

Glenn Beck isn’t buying any of it.

“The Arkansas Times noted that the FBI was able to identify Hughes on the basis of ‘the distinct notches at the top of his ears,’” Glenn says, adding that this is interesting because agents can’t find the pipe bomber, even though they have his face; can’t find the guy captured in clear photos who was up on the scaffolding; and can’t find the fence cutter.

“Those people all had smooth ears, no notches,” Stu says, deadpan.

The conservative community is outraged, and Liberty Safe is clearly listening — and worried.

In its most recent statement, the company claims it will now give customers the ability to have records of their access codes expunged.

“That should have been done in the first place,” Glenn says.

The backlash was swift after Liberty Safe acknowledged that it has a database of secret access codes for its safes that it would hand over to law enforcement...

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