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Reparations for COVID Hysteria? Probably not

The News & Why It Matters

Remember when mentioning the lab-leak theory was met with instant censorship by the technocrats sitting on their Big Tech thrones? Pressing buttons and nuking Twitter accounts that got too close to the truth?

Yeah, so do we.

For the past few years, anyone with a working brain has been redefined as a far-right fringe conspiracy theorist and censored. Those who questioned the origins of COVID were deemed mentally unfit and outcast as crazy — many becoming social pariahs where they once were social butterflies.

But at last, those of us who stood our ground and refused to fall for the lies have been vindicated.

It’s not the first time, and it certainly will not be the last.

On this episode of "The News and Why It Matters," Sara Gonzales sits down with Chad Prather and Alex Stein to discuss our vindication and ask the important questions. Will there be reparations? Probably not. And why was it the Energy Department’s job to finally tell us the truth about the lab-leak theory, and seriously … why did it take three years for them to figure it out?

And why did it take us mortal citizens less than three days?

It’s a mystery that’s certainly harder to figure out than the origin of the virus itself.

Even celebrities like Woody Harrelson are now joining us far-right fringe conspiracy theorists and finally using their platforms to poke fun at the COVID hysteria. But as Sara, Alex, and Chad wonder:

Why didn’t they do it sooner?

He’s a little late to the party, and we could have used his support back when anyone speaking up was demonized and demonetized.

But at least he’s standing up now. And at least we can all sit back and say see, we told you so.

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