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BRACE yourself: Biden claims you can turn a pistol brace into a gun!

BRACE yourself: Biden claims you can turn a pistol brace into a gun!

While president Joe Biden certainly has strong opinions on guns and who is allowed to have what kinds, it seems he may not quite have the knowledge required to hold those opinions.

This past Friday, Biden spoke to a group of gun-control advocates as well as national and local lawmakers at the National Safer Community Summit in Connecticut — and made that crystal clear.

Biden repeated calls to hold gun manufacturers accountable and pushed his hope for a nationwide ban on "assault rifles," while making an extremely interesting claim about how he thinks guns work.

Biden took to the podium and said, “Put a pistol on a brace, it turns it into a gun ... you can have a higher caliber weapon, a higher caliber bullet coming out of that gun.”

“I want to get this straight, Eric,” Sara Gonzales of "The News & Why It Matters" said to guest Eric July, “so the claim is that when you put the plastic brace, when you put it on the gun, it becomes a gun, is what I heard him say.”

“So, I don’t know what it was before it had the brace. It was not a gun, and now it is, and then once you do that, it actually changes the caliber of the bullet that’s in the weapon just from the stabilizing brace,” she continues.

“I didn’t know that technology existed with braces, but that’s some sorcery right there,” Gonzales adds.

In shock, she continues, “Are these people this illiterate and stupid about all of these things that they’re making laws on, or do they know that they’re telling lies and they’re just telling lies because they’re liars?”

“I do think it’s a combination of both,” July says, “He’s an idiot — Joe Biden — absolutely. But I think they also expect that the people that they’re talking to are idiots as well.”

July is less worried about Biden’s ill-informed beliefs on guns than he is about the crowd who is soaking them in.

“They literally are NPCs. Don’t be surprised if that’s something that someone else ends up talking about and they say it verbatim, even though it’s very incorrect,” he says.

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