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UPDATE on the border buoy battle — Texas Gov. Abbott fights DOJ in court

UPDATE on the border buoy battle — Texas Gov. Abbott fights DOJ in court

The border crisis seems to be the least of Joe Biden’s worries, but it’s been a big worry for Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who decided to take matters into his own hands.

Abbott deployed buoys fitted with spikes on the Rio Grande to stop illegal border crossings, and now a legal showdown looms.

A federal judge in Austin, Texas, is set to rule on the border buoy barrier dispute between Abbott and Biden’s DOJ, which calls the buoy barricade a violation of the Rivers and Harbors Appropriation Act.

Sara Gonzales isn’t surprised.

“No department in the Biden regime is actually for Americans. They are about as un-American as you can get, including not wanting to protect our sovereignty and our border,” Gonzales says.

“You want to open the door and welcome them right in as soon as they get across the border? Fine. But we’re going to at least try to put something in the way of that happening because it turns out, that’s not actually a good strategy. That’s not actually a good policy, and we’d like to change that. But the DOJ says no, we’re just going to sue you,” Gonzales adds.

However, Jaco Booyens isn’t so sure Abbott is in the right either.

“In my opinion, this whole thing is a sham. It’s a sham on the administration’s side, it’s a sham on Greg Abbott’s side because you saw the buoys there. It extends 100 yards or something. There are thousands of crossing points up and down the Rio Grande river,” Booyens tells Gonzales.

Booyens believes it’s a “stunt by Abbott,” adding that instead, the governor could be “deploying the Texas guard, shutting this thing down, and actually giving power to people.”

“If you really know what’s going on down there, how we’ve completely, absolutely neutered our law enforcement on the border, how we’re not frisking and searching for fentanyl, there’s no DNA swabs going on, fentanyl's coming over in the backpacks of kids, kids are being raped and plundered, recycled into Mexico. The whole thing is an absolute mess,” Booyens adds.

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