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Another LEAK? WaPo AGAIN claims to have super 'top-secret' info on what FBI found at Mar-a-Lago
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Another LEAK? WaPo AGAIN claims to have super 'top-secret' info on what FBI found at Mar-a-Lago

So many leaks, so few facts

The Washington Post has once again claimed that the FBI discovered nuclear documents during the raid on Mar-a-Lago last month, this time citing some definitely credible, but anonymous "people familiar with the matter."

The WaPo report said a super "top-secret" document describing "a foreign government's military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities," was found in the Mar-a-Lago search, but did not identify the source or the alleged foreign government, nor did it say whether or not the alleged foreign government is friend or foe to the United States.

On "The News & Why It Matters" Wednesday, BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales and guests Jonathan Stickland and Matt Kibbe discussed the remarkable fortuity of so many selective leaks, from unnamed sources, alleging unverifiable information, and all working against former President Donald Trump's chances of reelection in 2024.

"It's not like the Washington Post has a bad track record of providing anonymous sources for stories that, you know, criticize Trump but end up to be completely fabricated," Sara commented.

"The nexus between the security agencies and the corporate media is now so obvious," Matt stated. "This is a classic FBI playbook. I mean, they were doing this to Martin Luther King a generation ago. But now ... you can actually watch the arc of the story, where there's this outrageous claim made with unnamed sources and then two weeks later, 'No, never mind.' ... This is an old tactic, but now people don't believe anything that the corporate media says and they don't believe anything that the FBI says."

"This is a major issue," added Jonathan. "In fact, we've done some polling on this issue, and the raid on Mar-a-Lago moved independents, more than anything we've seen, to the right."

"Well, it's scaring people," Kibbe replied. "People are realizing that the deep state is a real thing. They're unaccountable, and they're unfireable, and they're nameless, and you don't know who's doing what, but it's massive."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation, or find more episodes of "The News & Why It Matters" here. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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