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Biden's meeting with Trudeau got awkward faster than expected

The Rubin Report

Biden recently made a trip to Canada to sit down with Justin Trudeau, and the result was a few clips of Biden fumbling around and making bizarre comments.

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” took a little time in his show to discuss the president’s remarks.

In one clip, Biden fumbles for his note cards while preparing to respond to Trudeau’s comments about banding together to “fight climate change and prepare a stronger economic future for everyone.”

While Rubin isn’t sure whether showing the clip is “a little heavy-handed,” he decides it’s not.

“No, we’re not being heavy-handed, because if that guy had not found the note card — you know he fumbles through the papers — then he gets the note card, and on the note card … it literally tells him who he’s sitting next to, what their position is, who he can call on, what question he’s going to answer.”

Rubin continues, saying, “This is a major problem when the leader of any country, especially the one remaining superpower — at least for now — really barely knows what he is doing ...”

In another clip, Biden meets Canadian opposition leader Pierre Poilievre and makes a comment that can, at the very least, be described as odd.

Poilievre introduces himself to Biden as the “leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.” When Biden confusedly asks, “Loyal Opposition?” Poilievre responds, “We believe that opposition is an act of loyalty in our system.”

To which Biden retorts, “We do too, unfortunately.”

Rubin comments, “Again, I might be a little heavy-handed here, but ‘we do too, unfortunately’ … he doesn’t really believe in opposition, right?”

Rubin then shows one last clip of Biden struggling to figure out which direction to walk off stage, as Trudeau leads him away.

“That’s your president, everybody, and I guess he is mine too: a man who doesn’t know where he is without the notes, a man who makes a thinly veiled joke about totalitarian control to the opposition leader in Canada, and a guy who doesn’t know which way to walk off stage.”

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