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Scientist’s four simple rules to save your child from the ‘digital madness’
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Scientist’s four simple rules to save your child from the ‘digital madness’

Future generations are being thrust into a world that’s more digital than ever, and not many people have a solution.

NYU professor Jonathan Haidt is one of the few people who, as Dave Rubin says, have a solution for “helping young people deal with this digital madness.”

“One: No smartphone before 14. You can give them a flip phone,” Haidt says. “You do not give a child the internet in their pocket where strangers can reach them and they can watch beheading videos. You don’t give that to a child to have with them all the time.”

“Number two: No social media until 16. The kids say this themselves. 18-year-olds say this; they wish that this didn’t exist, but they’re stuck. They’re trapped on it. So, how about we just delay it till 16,” he explains.

“Just don’t let children go through puberty on social media,” he continues, noting that it’s a “really vulnerable time.”

His third rule is placed in the hands of the educational system.

“Phone-free schools,” he says. “We went to school before the internet. Imagine that the school had a new rule: You can bring in your television from home, you can bring in your walkie talkies, you can bring in your record player, put it all on your desk and we’ll give you an outlet, and you can do that during class while the teacher’s talking.”

“This is complete insanity, but that’s what we’ve done,” he explains.

Haidt’s fourth rule is a critique of how insulated the lives of children have become in the past couple of decades.

“Far more independence, free play, and responsibility in the real world, just like everyone had until the 1990s. There can’t be an adult guarding them all the time until they go to college,” he says.

Rubin believes Haidt’s advice is extremely important.

“We’ve put the most powerful technological tool in their pocket and said, ‘Have at it,’ and then, guess what?” Rubin asks. “A whole bunch of nefarious forces are filling up their brains with bad things.”

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