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Joe Rogan has nothing but rage for this industry lying to Americans

The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin discussed Joe Rogan’s recent take on the deterioration of journalism with independent journalist Ashley Rindsberg and Newsweek’s Josh Hammer on "The Rubin Report" this week.

“The internet today allows [independent journalists] to thrive because these mainstream media corporations are so corrupt. They’re so obviously indebted to the companies that pay for their advertising,” said Rogan on his podcast.

“I don’t consider myself a journalist. … I just tell people what I think … but I suppose this has become a type of journalism because mainstream media’s ‘journalism’ has become so negligent,” Rubin said.

There is no doubt that the mainstream media has created a void in the space of journalism. People are seeking out truth themselves and are becoming less likely to trust the talking heads on their televisions. Thus, independent journalists on sites like Substack are gaining popularity.

“Is the problem with that that we end up with everyone just siphoning off to their own whatever-they-agree-with and then no one can really fact-check it?” Rubin asked.

“With these big corporate structures … you've got no idea what are the corporate incentives, the shareholders pushing for some storyline, the government getting involved. There’s so much interference at these big organizations that it totally negates all that careful oversight and structure that they’ve built,” said Rindsberg.

There is a revival of investigative journalism on sites such as Substack, where writers are finding accountability from peers rather than editors.

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