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Megyn Kelly says she was brought to tears by this 'unabashedly PRO-AMERICAN' speech
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Megyn Kelly says she was brought to tears by this 'unabashedly PRO-AMERICAN' speech

'Thank God!'

Megyn Kelly pulled her kids out of their New York City private schools last year after learning that the schools were teaching third-graders — that's eight and nine-year-olds — about puberty blockers and genital mutilation as part of an "experimental transgender education program."

"This is indoctrination. It’s deeply confusing to the children, and it’s wrong," Megyn said of what's happening in our nation's schools.

Megyn joined BlazeTV host Dave Rubin on “The Rubin Report” Monday to give an update on her experience with her kids' new schools, why American education seems more focused on critical race theory and gender ideology than math and history, and what parents can do if they are concerned about woke teachers and equity in schools.

"We've talked about the awfulness of the New York City private schools before and how hardcore-left they went — and I mean hardcore — asking my boys in their all-boys school regularly if they were sure they were still boys. That school no longer refers to boys as 'boys;' they call them 'your student' ... and this was one of the more traditional schools in the city. That's why we chose it ... but it went hardcore. The thing about, you know, 'race essentialism' and 'in every classroom where white children learn there's a future killer cop.' I mean they went far left," Megyn told Dave.

But things are looking up, Megyn said, and she and her husband were able to find a school in Connecticut that is so "unabashedly pro-American" it brought her to tears — or at least to one "single tear."

"We went to the annual dinner ... and the head of the school stood up there and said 'we are unabashedly pro-American here, and we do not believe in equity of outcome, we believe in equality of opportunity. And we don't believe in teaching these boys what to think, we want to teach them how to think,'" Megyn said. "Like, Dave, you or I could have written this as the ideal ethos for our school. And so, I was, I mean a single tear was running, and I thought, 'thank God, thank God!'"

Megyn went on to talk about how she’s changed politically, or more accurately, how she has not really changed but "the ground shifted beneath" her.

"I didn't radically change my own positions, but they've started to mean different things," she explained. "I feel like the world has shifted, and my opinions have changed accordingly, but I remain non-ideological."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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