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A warning for people fleeing blue states

The Rubin Report

About 1,200 people a day are flooding into the great state of Florida, but the Florida secretary of state warns that if you’re going to join them, don’t bring a blue state’s politics with you.

“You’re moving here for a reason,” Secretary Cord Byrd says in a conversation with "The Rubin Report" host Dave Rubin.

“If you’re leaving a state for economic reasons or political reasons,” he continues, “don’t vote the way you did there.”

Byrd says that “it’s a historic time to be living in Florida.”

Rubin adds that parents in Florida have been lining up to get on school boards and be proactive in their children’s educational environment following several controversies regarding inappropriate books and shows being exposed to their children.

Byrd notes that it’s “been great and it’s empowering parents” as well as giving them encouragement that “they have a voice,” and “they’re being listened to from the governor on down to the local school boards.”

He continues, “Being a citizen requires active engagement. It’s not an activity where you sit back and wait for things to happen. You got to get your hands dirty and get involved and you have that opportunity in Florida.”

Florida has also recently become the 26th state to pass constitutional carry laws, which is attracting even more blue state refugees.

Byrd says these refugees are “voting with their feet,” which is an “encouraging sign.”

As for current Floridians, “People are happy, they’re smiling. The state is growing, and the proof is in the pudding.”

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