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Sam Harris defends pro-vaccine stance

Sam Harris defends pro-vaccine stance

Sam Harris has fallen, and it’s not pretty.

It’s been obvious that he’s been suffering from a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome for a long time now, but it seems to have gotten worse.

He recently went on Lex Fridman’s podcast, where Lex said Sam was viewed as not being “open enough to the skepticism” regarding the COVID vaccines.

Sam, with apparently zero sense of self-awareness, responds to Lex’s question, saying, “I'll tell you how I thought about it and think about it once again.”

He continues, “It was a moving target, so there was a point in the timeline where it was totally rational to expect that the vaccines were both working and were reasonably safe, and that COVID was reasonably dangerous and that the trade-off for basically everyone was it was rational to get vaccinated given the level of testing.”

It gets worse.

In the usual Sam Harris style of calm, soft-spoken gaslighting, he says, “It was just obviously reasonable to get vaccinated. Especially because there was every reason to expect that while it wasn’t a perfectly sterilizing vaccine, it was going to knock down transmission a lot, and that matters. So, it wasn’t just a personal choice. You were actually being a good citizen when you decided to run whatever risk you were going to run to get vaccinated.”

According to Sam Harris, what goes into your body is not a personal choice.


Dave Rubin, an advocate since the beginning of this COVID mess for bodily autonomy, has his own response.

Rubin says, “First off, to say it was completely rational to think that there was a point on the timeline that it was completely rational to think they were safe … I mean it was completely rational to think they weren’t safe.”

He destroys Sam’s argument with one simple fact: “They were being pushed on everybody for a virus that had over 99.9% chance of recovery.”

Sam has built his brand on being skeptical. However, it seems he can no longer practice it.

Rubin continues, “What happened to skepticism? I thought skeptics — I mean, Sam and the atheist community and that sort of section of the secular left — I thought their entire thing was about skepticism?”

For someone who claims to not be religious, Sam seems to have completely bought into the religion of science.

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