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Trump details his plan for revenge on Deep State & it's BRUTAL

Trump details his plan for revenge on Deep State & it's BRUTAL

If there’s one thing Donald Trump has made undeniably clear, it’s that he is not a fan of the Deep State.

Trump took the stage at the Turning Point USA conference, where he said enthusiastically, “With your support in 2024, we are going to put America First like never before, and we are going to finish the job that we so successfully started.”

“It was four years, but many people say it was one of the most successful presidencies ever. Some people say it was the most successful presidency.”

“When I get back into the Oval Office,” he continued, “I will totally obliterate the Deep State. They will be obliterated.”

While a nice sentiment ... Dave Rubin isn’t convinced.

Even though he voted for Trump, he says it’s “starting to seem like this rerun that I’ve seen a million times before.”

Rubin admits that though Trump did seem to do a great job as president, he did award Fauci on his way out of office.

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright isn’t sure Trump knows exactly how tall of an order it will be to “totally obliterate the Deep State.”

“We need some pretty serious reform, and we need to toss a lot of folks out of office. So the real question is going to be: Does he have the support on Capitol Hill to do that?” Wright says.

“Does he have the congressional, you know, backing to do that? Particularly with the power of the purse — that’s the part that I think ... will shape this whole conversation. Can he actually do what he’s saying he wants to do?” he continues.

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