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Elon Musk exposes journalist’s real motivations

Elon Musk exposes journalist’s real motivations

Elon Musk has introduced a new “blue check” to Twitter, and journalists are not happy.

The blue check costs $8 per month and can be bought by anyone. Despite the outrage from journalists all over the site, Musk does not seem to care.

In fact, he believes the blue check is a great idea, as he believes “the same standard should apply” to him as to everyone else on Twitter.

Musk says that the reason journalists are angered is because “they don’t like being put on the same platform as the average citizen.”

He continues, “They don’t like their voice being the same. They’re pretty mad about that.”

“I think it’s very important,” Musk says, “to elevate citizen journalism. I think it’s very important to hear the voice of the people — the actual voice of the people — not the filtered voice of the people. And let the people choose the narrative and let the people determine the truth and not five editors in chief of major publications.”

“Do you want to know what’s really going on,” he asks, “or do you want their opinion?”

Dave Rubin agrees with Musk, lightly mocking the journalists who seem to believe their voices are more important than the average citizens'.

He’s joined by Substack writer Rav Arora, who adds, “We should really hold our thoughts and prayers for the blue checkmark genocide of all these people who can’t afford $8 a month.”

“This is the point where I get, where like I’m looking at all these people melting down and I’m like I need to get off Twitter, because this is a fake reality. This is like a hallucination. This is not real. Like, this is like the most trivial of trivial problems, and I need to go outside,” Arora says.

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