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What the GUARDED January 6 footage REALLY holds, according to a journalist with access to the tapes

What the GUARDED January 6 footage REALLY holds, according to a journalist with access to the tapes

Steve Baker is a lifelong musician and music industry professional, but he’s known for something far different now.

What started as a fun pastime writing about politics turned into something much bigger.

Baker is now a full-blown investigative journalist, and he’s found himself in a bit of hot water after his coverage of the January 6 protest — which he believes goes much deeper than the mainstream media is telling us.

His footage has been used in several January 6 documentaries, including ones made by the New York Times and HBO, as well as news agencies all over the world.

“Fast-forward two and a half years, and I just got a grand jury subpoena for it,” Baker tells James Poulos. “According to what the FBI told me and my lawyer back 21 months ago, they told me that I was going to be prosecuted for interstate racketeering.”

As no other journalists or peaceful protesters that Baker is aware of have been threatened with the same charge, Baker says “the only thing that we’ve been able to surmise is that they want to charge me with, I guess, the preconceived notion that I knew something was going to happen of an illegal nature, and therefore I traveled across state lines to get to D.C.”

Despite the accusations, Baker is one of only five journalists who have been granted access to over 41,000 hours of footage from the protest.

He notes that he became suspicious of what was really going on during one of the trials last year.

“There was a moment where I felt like that I saw something untoward or something suspicious happening between the lead prosecuting attorney, his name is Jeffrey Nestler, an assistant U.S. attorney, and Judge Amit Mehta, who was sitting on the bench in this particular trial.”

According to Baker, his “antennas went up” when he saw what he believed to be “suppression of evidence” and “collusion.”

That’s when he began digging.

“I backdoored my way into the Capitol to see these videos” as well as “into seeing some of this evidence that was under court seal,” he tells Poulos.

He was able to verify that what he saw in court was in fact a suppression of evidence “that would quite likely be exculpatory evidence for these defendants.”

However, that’s not all Baker has found.

“What we have discovered is not only suppression of evidence, but also the creation out of thin air of evidence that did not exist for the purpose of convicting,” Baker tells Poulos, adding that “there are people who have been scapegoated who have become the patsies, who have become the anointed leaders of the insurrection.”

Those “anointers leaders” were in fact “not at all” and “have been falsely accused.”

While Baker cannot currently release the names of these scapegoats, he will soon be able to take a few Blaze reporters with him into the video room, where he says he will finally be able to “get this off my chest.”

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