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Do you care about your privacy? Learn what others can find out

Is your privacy at risk? If you care about your personal information, you need to use this site. Find out how TruthFinder puts you back in control.

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Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to keep yourself off the grid. Your personal information is floating around out there whether you like it or not. It’s crucial to see what parts of your life are public and still private.

Fortunately, this website called TruthFinder can help you take control of your data.

Access To Public Information Is A Right

One of the founding principles of our country is that we have a right to access information. Whether its to know what documents the government has stored or to find out who bought the for-sale home across the street, we are entitled to have answers.

The same rules apply for your personal information.

Knowing what parts of yourself are open to the public can help you stay safe and informed, but more importantly, you can rest assured when you know that you have the ability to learn about others, too.

TruthFinder is a reliable tool when it comes to researching the past and present of almost any individual in the United States. Its vast online database gives you the power to find a detailed report on almost anyone you choose, which means their history is just a click away.

What Information About You Is Public

From the second you’re born, a stream of information is recorded to document that you’re an actual person. Over time, as you start getting older, going to school, finding a new job, and opening a bank account, those bits of data are compiled into a public record that other entities can access.

This is essentially what TruthFinder does with the help of online accounts, census data, property records, police reports, and other governmental documentation. The site scours through these platforms and breaks them down into an easy-to-read report divided into different sections.

As long as you have some form of identification — which you most likely do — you can be sure that your information is part of the public record. For some people, the fact that a complete stranger can find your email and phone number may not be a big deal, but for others, this knowledge can help you stay alert to any potential threats.

What A Personal Report Looks Like

Locating someone on TruthFinder and researching their profile is simple and quick. Type the person’s first and last name into the search bar, and the site takes over from there.

Within seconds, public records associated to the individual’s name are collected. All you need to do is put on your detective hat and get to work.

The information within a persons' report is broken up into sections that are easy to navigate. Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Basic Information: This includes full names, date of birth, astrological sign, and other known aliases

  • Possible Photos: Pictures linked to the researched name are compiled from social media accounts to give you an overview of who you’re looking for, and it allows you to correctly identify your subject before you dig deeper

  • Jobs: Know what past and present jobs your subject is associated with if you’re skeptical about their history

  • Education: Lots of people lie about their alma mater, but you’ll be able to see what their major was, where they studied, and when

  • Criminal Records: You might be curious if your traffic ticket is still hurting your insurance bill. Or maybe there’s a new neighbor you’re curious about — their criminal history may surprise you

  • Sex Offenders: For anyone you search, their report will include a list of registered sex offenders within a certain radius

  • Social Profiles: Find your old Myspace account, or track down your ex on Facebook — linked social media profiles will surface on their report

  • Related Persons: When you search for someone, potential family members will be listed within their profile, and you can access a full background report on any of them

  • Licenses: Professional licenses associated with the person in question will be visible here, such as DEA controlled substance licenses

Yourself, Others, And TruthFinder

Not only is this knowledge useful for your own well-being, but you can also look up anyone who you might rub you the wrong way.

Did your sister start dating a new guy who seems suspicious? Is your mom worried about a friend she has lost contact with? You can find nearly anyone in the United States with TruthFinder, so start searching today!

Your privacy is incredibly valuable, and you deserve to know what others can find out about you. That being said, learning about someone should always be a two-way street.

With today’s technology, you have the world at your fingertips, and TruthFinder bridges the gap between legitimacy and the unknown. The site offers you an effortless and discreet way to stay informed about anyone, and that peace of mind is a huge bonus for your personal safety.

Are you wondering about how private your life is? Do you want to learn more about someone else? Visit TruthFinder now!

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