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This weird investing mystery is making some Americans very rich


By Justin Spittler

A trail of “clues” left behind by a mysterious millionaire could lead to a fast fortune in the stock market…even using as little as a single stock.

The man behind these “clues” is a former government advisor and legendary investor named Doug Casey.

He “retired” in the 1970s after his book Crisis Investing stayed on the New York Times best-seller list for 34 weeks straight.

The Highest Stock Gain Ever Recorded?

He went on to uncover some of the biggest stock gains ever recorded:

Like when he bet against environmentalists and wound up making something like 86,900% on a nuclear power play…

(the debate continues as to whether this was the highest stock gain ever recorded…)

…or when he made 20 times his money on a gold playback when gold investors were openly mocked by the financial media…

…or the time he made 64,000% betting on a rare nickel find…

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…or…the time he bet that stock in liberal darling Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream would tank…while at the same time betting that stock in gun manufacturer Ruger would soar

…and walked away with a fortune when that’s exactly what happened!

Changing Lives with A Single Stock

But Doug hasn’t just been making himself rich…

One follower reports he owes much of his retirement comes from watching a small stock go from “$0.27 per share…to about $16.”

(His gain was more than 5,800%! That’s enough to turn $25,000 into $1,475,000!)

Another man reports that his investment went from “a dollar and change to twenty”. He not only paid off and renovated his house…but even bought him a Corvette.

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After all, he’s a guy with a ton of insider contacts…

  • During the rise of the Internet, he could pick up the phone and call the founders of AOL.
  • During the gold boom, he could contact mining insiders like billionaire Robert Friedland (who was also an early mentor and friend of Steve Jobs)…
  • During the bitcoin boom, he could email Bitcoin.com creator Roger Ver…

But Doug’s no elitist. That’s why, since the late 1970s, he’s been leaving behind a trail of public “clues” to huge investment fortunes.

One clue led to a group of little known gold mining stocks that could have yielded 600%…on average!

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Another led to two stocks that produced 1,000% gains each!

One of his last clues – released in 2013 – led to an opportunity to get in on a metal called lithium…right before a huge boom sent prices soaring…

“lithium mania” – Stock Investor, 2017

“The Best Way to Play the New Lithium Boom” – Yahoo Finance, 2018

“The Lithium Boom is About to Go Into Overdrive” – OilPrice.com, 2017

Small stocks no one had ever heard of were soaring 900%!

The best part about these clues is that they are publicly available. You just need to know where to find them.

As it happens, Doug Casey recently dropped another series of clues…

And you can find out about where to look for them right here.

Will you be the next small stock success story?

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