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BOMBSHELL: If panic peddlers were right, Wisconsin should be a pile of smoldering ash right now

Steve Deace
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Anyone who has ever been on Twitter knows the platform is a hub for virtue signaling. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Wisconsin was targeted on Twitter by virtue signalers far and wide for holding it's presidential primary as scheduled on April 7.

Wednesday, BlazeTV's Steve Deace delved into claims made by the left that Wisconsin would be the death of us for allowing voters to leave the safety of their homes and head to the polls.

Here's what we learned

  • Wisconsin holds a controversial primary election on April 7
  • 70% of voters voted by mail, one of the highest percentages in American history, because of concerns of COVID-19 virus
  • If 70% voted via mail-in ballot, that means 465,786 people voted in person on April 7, which is twice as many people as live in Madison, Wisconsin's second-largest city
  • Today marks 15 days since Wisconsin's primary election
  • COVID-19 requires a 14-day incubation period
  • To see if Wisconsin's outpouring of 465,786 voters was the massive public health disaster as originally touted by panic peddles, Deace went to the stats.

Image source: BlazeTV screenshot

In the chart above, the red line is active cases, and the blue line is new cases in Dane County.

Image source: BlazeTV screenshot

In the second chart, Deace took the top three populous counties in Wisconsin to compare hospitalizations since April 7.

How is it possible holding the primary election in such densely populated areas show no spike in new cases after the April 7 election?

To learn why watch the video below.

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