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WATCH: Steven Crowder takes on leftist who advocates 'any means necessary' to combat hate speech

Steven Crowder

Does speech ever warrant physical violence?

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In the latest episode of "Louder with Crowder," host Steven Crowder heads to Google Headquarters in Austin, Texas, for another installment of "Change My Mind" to talk about hate speech, how it's defined, who decides, and whether it should be regulated by big tech companies like Google and Facebook.

Crowder got into a heated exchange with a bleached-blond bicyclist who claimed that hate speech should be dealt with "by almost any means necessary."

"You say, 'by almost any means necessary.' Does that extend beyond speech?" Crowder asked.

"You know, I have had physical acts of violence both committed and threatened against me because of ill-conceived notions of positions I don't even hold," he continued. "So, do you see the danger in saying if someone is an extremist, if someone is a racist, or sexist, or homophobic, then you have the right as a private individual, by any means necessary, to correct them? Do you see the problem with that? Because you're now combating speech — that may be right or wrong, by the way, you may not even understand what this person is saying — with violence."

Check out what happened next in the video below:

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