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9 girls rescued in human trafficking sting operation

Glenn Beck

Tim Ballard and Matt Osborne of OURRescue.org shared an important update about the anti-trafficking organization’s latest rescue on Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

A high school physical education teacher was pimping out nine of his students at a school in South America, bribing them with good grades and money and threatening them in order to coerce them into being used for sex.

Osborne, who is a former U.S. intelligence officer, led the sting operation to rescue all of the girls and work with the local authorities so the traffickers involved, including the teacher, were arrested.

“Operation Underground Railroad sent a prayer request out to all of our supporters … and we had a miracle,” Osborne remembered. He played the part of a "john" for the sting operation and spent some time chatting with the girls about their future plans. He hopes that with the help of aftercare rehabilitation they will fully recover.

“Some of them will have a very steep road back, obviously,” he said. “From my limited time with these girls … I am very positive that these girls will still be able to come back. They seem very full of life.”

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