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A dozen voices sit in Tomi Lahren's place, describe what MAGA means

Tomi Lahren

Instead of reading her own 3-minute monologue, host Tomi Lahren invited Americans of all ages, races and backgrounds to participate in her signature, end-of-show "Final Thoughts."

"Some are very confused with the declaration, 'Make America Great Again,’” a compilation of guest voices said. “So let me explain: No, it doesn’t mean those who say it, wear it, or tweet it don’t believe that America is great. No, quite the opposite. We love this country. And we want to see it flourish. 

“We do believe it is in danger, though. No four or eight years can destroy the greatest country on earth. There are far too many patriotic Americans out there to let that happen. One man, one woman, one president, or any other administration cannot save or destroy a nation.” 

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