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An 18-year-old is under house arrest after posting a rap song. Did authorities go too far?


An 18-year-old New Jersey student with a history of being suspended wrote a rap about cracking open heads and shooting people and posted it on Soundcloud in February, titling it with the name of his school.

Michael Schmitt was arrested 10 days after the mass murder in Parkland, a time when school officials were trying to be especially vigilant of what students post on social media. He titled his rap, which was posted on Soundcloud, "u lil sluts @ jchs i love u all even tho yall hurt me and i forgive u. i would never hurt u." The initials reference his school, James Caldwell High School, and Schmitt was pictured with a gun in his profile photo at the time.

A few hours after Schmitt plugged his homemade rap on Snapchat and Twitter, the school went on lockdown and he was arrested. More than three months later, the 18-year-old is still under house arrest and facing a trial for causing a “fake public alarm,” a charge that could result in a five- to 10-year sentence.

Should he stay under house arrest, or are local authorities overreacting, especially given the fact that Schmitt doesn’t own a gun and didn’t appear to have a concrete plan to attack a school? BuzzFeed reporter Tyler Kingkade joined today’s show to talk about this complex story. (You can read his full report here.)

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