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Anti-gun activist is predictable in who she blames for Charlottesville tragedy

Pat and Stu

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, blamed the National Rifle Association for the violent protests in Charlottesville over the weekend. Watts began a series of tweets on Saturday calling for a stop to “the NRA's ‘guns everywhere for anyone’ agenda,” and further claiming that openly armed militia members were in Charlottesville to intimidate protesters.

Today on “Pat & Stu,” Pay Gray and Stu Burguiere discussed the “unbelievably horrible” tragedy in Charlottesville when a man plowed his car into a crowd of protesters. “It’s really targeting innocent people who have nothing to do with anything as far as criminal action against your group,” said Stu. “Yet it still happens by individuals in these movements. And it is important to assign responsibility to the individuals.”

According to Watts, the NRA and gun laws are responsible for the violence in Charlottesville. “This was a motor vehicle,” said Pat. “I’m not sure if [Watts is] aware of what a gun looks like compared to what a motor vehicle looks like.”

Pat and Stu drew comparisons between the Charlottesville attack and last year’s ISIS attack in Nice, France, in which a truck drove through a crowd killing seventy-seven people. “This is an ISIS tactic,” said Stu. “When your movement is associating itself with ISIS, maybe you should rethink your movement.”

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