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Antifa's promotional video calls for nationwide defacing and destroying of monuments on Columbus Day


Antifa's bizarre promotional video calls for a day of rage on Christopher Columbus Day.

Hopefully, you're home with your kids this Monday so they don't have the witness the embarrassing behavior these wild lunatics will portray in public.

According to TheBlaze's Chris Enloe, "New York City-based radical anarchist group known as 'Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement' called on Antifa groups nationwide to participate in 'Deface Columbus Day,' where anarchists plan to 'decorate' their local neighborhoods.

Read Enloe's full article here. Can you believe this is what it's come to? Today, we discussed the utter ignorance and mind-boggling stupidity of this group and those who buy into their ideology.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Pat and producer Keith admitted the music was kind of catchy.

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