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Asteroids are likely headed to Earth in the near future. Can Trump's Space Force save us?

Glenn Beck

What's going on? 

NASA has released an 18-page plan outlining what the U.S. should do in the next decade to prepare for possible asteroid strikes and including methods for stopping asteroids before they hit Earth.

Does this mean the Space Force will happen? 

President Donald Trump has proposed a "Space Force" that would be another branch of the U.S. military. That idea seems likelier than ever. If the U.S. is organizing a response for asteroid disaster scenarios, it's safe to assume the military will be involved.

"One of the things that should be clear from the report is that the responsibility for responding, and preparing response is spread and shared throughout the U.S. government," a White House official told Space.com.

Glenn's take: 

America is far too divided right now. Perhaps an incoming asteroid or another threat that could annihilate life on Earth would bring us together.

"We're all going to have to unite against an alien race. That is just fun to think about," Glenn joked on today's show.

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