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Author Robin Hutton gives a peek on her latest book on 'War Animals

Doc Thompson

Author Robin Hutton joined Thursday’s episode of “The Morning Blaze” to discuss her new book titled, “War Animals: The Unsung Heroes of World War II." In her book, Hutton details a new perspective on what it took to win WWII, including the use of cats, pigeons, horses and dogs.

“When you think of war animals you’re like, 'Of course, there are dogs who served, right'?” Doc Thompson asked. “But there are horses and birds who served?"

“Yes, there were amazing animals. The homing pigeons saved more lives than you can imagine by getting their messages through in the middle of battle,” Hutton replied.

Animals played an integral role in controlling the chaos that ensued when the Germans began dropping bombs over London.

Doc was especially interested in Simon, a war cat on board a ship that was attacked and left stranded for over 100 days on the Yang Sing River. Simon was a therapy cat for wounded soldiers and he saved the surviving crew by keeping the rats out of the remaining food supply.

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