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Author: the left and the right would accomplish more by listening to each other - here's how

Glenn Beck

Eric Liu, founder and CEO of Citizen University, joined “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” on Tuesday to talk about why Americans need to work harder listening to each other.

Liu’s new book, “You’re More Powerful Than You Think,” is about the power of grassroots movements and details how engaged citizens can realize their full potential when it comes to influencing policy.

Glenn Beck and Liu worked together for Tuesday’s show to try to hear each other’s viewpoints, with Beck representing a more conservative side of politics and Liu speaking as someone more liberal.

“Stop yourself [from responding] and let it go and engage, listen to the other side,” Glenn described. “That’s really hard.”

Liu agreed that in our politicized society, it’s difficult to listen to each other without trying to think of combative talking points.

“I think politics especially in D.C. is filled with what I call ‘debaters’ listening,’” Liu said. “You’re just listening in as much as you need to get the quick gist of what the guy is saying, and then your wheels are spinning, ‘How am I going to pound him back? How am I going to destroy what he just said?’”

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