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Ben Shapiro debunks Nancy Pelosi's Tiny Tim analogy that rebukes GOP tax bill

Glenn Beck

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) was all about semantics as she addressed the House floor following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Wednesday. She used Tiny Tim from "A Christmas Carol" to berate the Republican tax bill by claiming all hope had been stripped away from "sick children" like Tiny Tim.

She referred to a boy named Simon whom, she says, sees himself in Tiny Tim. “Simon sees himself in Tiny Tim, another kind boy with braces on his legs,” she said in front of reporters on the floor. “Unfortunately, this story as of today does not have the same kind of happy ending as ‘A Christmas Carol,’ but this story is not over,” she asserted.

Ben called out the false narrative Democrats have perpetuated since the bill's passing, including their latest assertion that Tiny Tim is in danger "because of the greed of those with power."

"Do you even Fugitive Slave Act bro?" said an amused Ben Shapiro as he filled in for Glenn Beck on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" on Thursday. "Do you even Japanese Internment Camp, bro?"

Watch above to hear Ben break it down for the Democrats.

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