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Bill O’Reilly: Beware the Trump ‘resistance’ -- choice of that word is 'not an accident\

Glenn Beck

Political discourse has become increasingly angry, vitriolic and even violent. Part of the problem is the idea that “resisting” Trump is always a good thing, no matter what you’re saying or what policies you’re opposing, Bill O’Reilly said Friday on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

People plucked the term “resistance” from history, O’Reilly asserted. During World War II, people who opposed Nazi Germany in countries that were being taken over by fascism were known as the resistance.

“That word is not an accident,” O’Reilly said.

But the movement today has twisted the meaning to say that “resisting” Trump is an excuse for anything. Their goal is to oppose absolutely everything Trump does, O’Reilly explained.

“’If he gives free food to every poor person for five years we’ll oppose it because it’s making them fat,’ or something like that,” he gave a theoretical example.

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