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Buzzfeed contributor thinks Muslim men ‘infatuated’ with white women onscreen is a problem


Suddenly, interracial couples are no longer politically correct?

A contributor published an odd piece on BuzzFeed READER to ask why Muslim men are “infatuated” with dating white women onscreen, citing the Netflix series “Master of None” and a new movie from comedian Kumail Nanjiani as examples.

Nanjiani and Ansari both created semi-autobiographical projects showing their experiences as Muslim men living in America; they are also both standup comedians. Nanjiani is best known for his role in HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” while Ansari was on NBC’s “Parks & Recreation” and recently released the second season of his Netflix original series, “Master of None.”

The BuzzFeed READER piece from contributor Imran Siddiquee didn’t exactly celebrate this diversity, saying that “despite the significance of seeing Muslims represented onscreen in this way in 2017, it’s interesting that at the center of both ‘The Big Sick’ and ‘Master of None’ remains the story of a straight man in pursuit of a straight woman, and more specifically, the story of a straight man in pursuit of a straight white woman.”

On Tuesday’s episode of “Pat & Stu,” Stu Burguiere thought perhaps the problem would be solved if entertainment stopped showing men and women altogether.

“Maybe we should stop talking about men and women as if it’s the only choice,” he quipped. “There’s about 65 variations. … Why not No. 48 and No. 51 on the gender list?”

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