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Bye-Bye Bannon

Dana Loesch

Things may not be so great for Steve Bannon. GOP consultant Rick Wilson joined Dana Loesch on "Dana" today to discuss yesterday's brief New York Post interview with President Donald Trump. According to the interview, the President says he "likes" Bannon, but says he told Bannon to straighten things out "or I will."

Wilson called it the "kiss of death interview," signaling that the more liberal people in the White House, such as Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump, have "defeated Bannon." He then touched upon the widespread rumors that Bannon got into a verbal battle with Kushner.

"You never get into a fight with the boss' family at work!" Dana emphatically remarked.

Wilson felt Bannon picked a battle with a guy "he thought he could roll," but "it turned out Trump values his family, whether by blood or by marriage, far over Steve Bannon."

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