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Could the Paris shooting have been prevented?

Dana Loesch

ISIS has taken responsibility for the latest attack in Paris and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is aware of radical terrorists in all 50 states. Today on "Dana," Dana Loesch and the panel discussed if and how today's Paris attack could have been avoided.

It seemed to the panel that FBI investigations are not doing much to prevent terror attacks domestically, citing the recent incident in Fresno. Political commentator John Gibson said the same thing of the gunman in Paris, who was reportedly known to French authorities.

The panel noted that France is gun free but the shooter was still able to obtain several weapons, emphasizing the need for citizens to be able to defend themselves with their own arms. They also said we should also be able to call out suspicious behavior without fearing accusations of racism. "Wouldn't you rather ... be safe than sorry?" asked Allie Stuckey in conclusion.

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