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Creating competition and striving for prevention could help lower health costs

Dana Loesch

Joining Dana is Dr. Kevin Campbell, an internationally recognized Cardiologist and Medical Expert for WNCN, to discuss the disaster that is Obamacare. Dana asks Kevin what his top three objectives he would love to see accomplished by Republicans where it concerns health care. She further inquires what could help alleviate the struggle Americans have with rising costs.

"Create competition — Allow us to shop for insurance across state lines, make insurance provide good service at reasonable prices number one," Kevin states. "Number two, allow us to get our drugs from Canada and other reputable pharmacies. Number three, let's change health care from focusing on treatment to focusing on prevention, meaning there's an individual responsibility for your own health care. You have to exercise, you have to eat right and if you do that your premiums are lower."

Right now, with pharmaceutical companies in the United States charging exorbitant amounts of money, the United States is paying for the research and development for the entire world.

"I hope that we get all of those, first one hundred days. I'd be a happy camper," Dana replies.

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