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GENDER IS COMPLEX'? Experts criticize 'pernicious' trend of gender reveal parties


"Gender reveal" parties are a growing trend in the world of baby-related party planning. Starting as small gatherings of friends and family, gender reveal parties are now often full-blown events that can cost thousands of dollars.

But the most "troubling" thing about these parties, which often involve the parents finding out their child's gender by cutting open a cake to reveal pink or blue, is that they pretend that gender is as simple as a baby being a boy or a girl ... something sex experts frown upon.

Georgetown University sociology professor Kathleen Guidroz wondered why gender reveal parties are so popular when more and more people are questioning their gender.

“There are increasing numbers of people who are not identifying as a gender or identifying with both genders," Guidroz said. "We have to wonder, ‘Why have [gender-reveal parties] became more popular in the past decade when so many people are not ascribing to the gender binary?’ Sociologists talk about gender socialization starting the moment the child is born, but this phenomenon actually starts the socialization before that."

Dr. Scott Osmun, an obstetrician-gynecologist, wanted to remind parents that “gender is a complex subject!” and that their child's "gender identity" could change.

On today's show, Glenn expressed his tongue-in-cheek disgust about this growing trend.

"It is despicable. It's the modern parent's job to be as gender-neutral as possible," Glenn said. "A name? Give the child a number until they're at least 6, and make sure it's a gender-neutral number."

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