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Explore lessons from Adam and Eve's marriage that continue to resonate today


Best-selling author Bruce Feiler joined "The Glenn Beck Radio Program Thursday morning to share some lessons from the biblical story of Adam and Eve that can help shape and guide modern life. Bruce claims in his new book "The First Love Story" that biblical wisdom and contemporary psychology and social sciences are not opposing forces but instead can powerfully complement one another:

"Positive psychology, the happiness movement — what has it said to us? Relationships matter. Okay? You and I have been connected. We don't see each other all the time. We are connected. We have that connection. Happiness is other people. The big threat is loneliness. Young people, middle-aged people, the opioid crisis, the suicide crisis. What's the first thing God says about human beings in the Bible upon looking at Adam? It's not right for humans to be alone. The Bible gets there 3,000 years before social science."

Bruce explains that the forgiveness, commitment, and companionship that Adam and Eve model throughout the early chapters of Genesis provide a positive blueprint for marriage that endures to this day.

He also emphasized the importance of maintaining some degree of personal independence within romantic relationships.

"Love is a story we tell with another person," Bruce said. "It's co-creation through co-narration."

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