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FACT-CHECK: Sara breaks down The March For Our Lives facts vs. fiction


By now we've heard all the claims coming from the March for Our Lives movement, which has consistently used misleading statements and fake statistics to push their anti-gun agenda.

In this video, Sara Gonzales gives us a break-down of the facts and falsehoods behind what she calls: "The March to Blame Millions (of law abiding gun owners for what was actually a complete failure of big government bureaucracy.)"

Here are a few:

FALSE: During the march, protesters called for an "assault-weapons" ban to keep "weapons of war" out of the hands of civilians.

FACT: The assault-weapons ban currently proposed in the House would prohibit ownership of small pistols because they have a detachable magazine.


FALSE: Protest signs called for banning "all automatic weapons."

FACT: Automatic weapons have been banned since 1986 under the Firearm Owner's Protection Act, and they've been heavily regulated since 1935.


FALSE: Protesters "called B.S." on the claim that tougher gun-laws do not decrease gun violence.

FACT: The US had a Federal Assault Weapons Ban from 1994 to 2004. Not only did studies show that NO measurable impact on gun violence, mass shooting didn't stop. There were 16 mass shootings resulting in 237 deaths or injuries during that time period.


Watch the video above to hear more.

To see more from Sara, visit the “Contributors” channel on TheBlaze.

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