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Unlocking the true intentions and meaning of female empowerment


Tomi Lahren decides to unlock the true intention of feminism or "female empowerment because the word feminism has been hijacked and it isn't what it used to be." She believes women could rule the world if they could stop dragging each other down.

A recent attack article was written about Tomi and came after the clothing company that makes 2nd Amendment inspired apparel and her "Team Tomi" tank-tops.

"The whole premise of the article is women should be smart or sexy but not both — if you hold a gun and look good holding a gun, you're bad for other gun toting women," Tomi exclaims.

Tomi wonders how this woman believes she can sit on her high horse and tell other women how to dress or pose while holding a firearm because the sexiness of other women threaten her. She feels that this isn't a secluded event as this is just but one example out there of women attacking other women.

"Here's the thing about success, it's not exclusive. ... These pearl clutching haters hold American women back more than anything else, more so than white males that's for dang sure," Tomi says. "The true intention of feminism will be restored when women stop bringing each other down out of jealousy, pettiness and self-righteous B.S."

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