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Former communist spy shares how he found Christianity


Former KGB spy Jack Barsky, who wrote the book “Deep Undercover” about his decade spying for Moscow, told the story of how he turned from agnosticism to Christianity on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” Friday.

Barsky built a new life in America during 10 years of working as a Soviet agent during the Cold War. A communist turned American patriot, Barsky also came to find faith while in America, discovering Christianity through observing his wife and other Christians.

“I had met too many good Christians to hate them,” he described his impression of the faith while he still called himself an agnostic. After talking with a Christian who shared her faith, he began delving deeper and discovered the writing of Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias.

“This is the first time I heard someone make a philosophically, logically sound argument for God, and what particularly attracted me is that—and this is one of the core pieces of [Zacharias’] message—is that there is no morality without a God.”

A self-described “science-minded” person, Barsky was compelled by Zacharias’ logical argument for Christianity.

“I realize, looking back at my life, always thought of myself as a ‘good person.’ I’m intrinsically good,” Barsky described his moment of coming to terms with his own sin. “[But] I hurt people, I did bad things, I served a bad cause. I realized that goodness doesn’t come from the inside.”

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