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George Lucas wanted 'Star Wars' logo to look stark and fascist


Suzy Rice, designer of the original "Star Wars" logo, was reportedly asked by series creator George Lucas to make the logo fascist and intimidating. A student of typography, Rice consulted a book on Nazi font design and applied some of Goebbels' principles to the iconic logo.

Doc Thompson, Kari Malinak and Brad Staggs guest host "Pat & Stu" and discuss this fascinating story and Doc explains that whatever its inspiration, the logo only conjures up positive memories for him.

"I just find it interesting or whatever, but I don't — again, I don't see that in it, but that's because I have a different perspective," Doc admits. "And I remember when the movie came out, but I was pretty young. So I wouldn't be thinking, huh, that reminds me of World War II and the fascist fonts there."

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