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Glenn Beck on 'Queer Eye': 'This is the voice of the Democrats in the middle of the country

Glenn Beck on 'Queer Eye': 'This is the voice of the Democrats in the middle of the country

In wake of Tuesday’s elections, “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness dared to tell his fans on Twitter that people just might need to be tolerant of those with a different point of view.

“We have to stop demonizing each other,” Van Ness wrote, adding that “not all Republicans are racist, just as not all Democrats are 'evil.'”

Here's what kicked off the controversy:

The Twitter mob reacted in typical collectivist fashion and ruthlessly accosted Van Ness on social media, despite him being one of their own.

Read the details of the fallout here.

Van Ness was pummeled on Twitter, so he addressed his comments in a video explaining what he meant:

On Friday’s episode of “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn marveled at the left's inability to listen to dissenting points of view, especially those not aligned with postmodernism.

Van Ness basically warned Democrats that they've gone too far left and that if they want to have a chance in upcoming elections, they need to come back to the center.

"Well, this is the voice of the Democrats in the middle of the country," said Glenn. " 'Hey, let's not throw in with communists and radicals -- people who want to destroy the system, people who want to get off the Constitution. Postmodernists,' "argued Glenn. "Let's not go with them. Antifa, not a good partner."

Glenn agreed that Van Ness is on to something and that Democrats should consider coming back to American ideals.

Hopefully, Van Ness will stand his ground and not capitulate.

Catch Glenn's thoughts on this in the clip above.

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