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Glenn Beck uncovers the truth about slavery and America's founders


Glenn Beck was back at the chalkboard this week to take an in-depth look at the United States Declaration of Independence and to expose the progressive campaign to discredit America's founding documents.

Progressives have a hard time separating the atrocities of slavery from the solid founding principles of our country, Glenn explained.

"To be clear ... slavery was horrible. It is a total stain on our history," he said. "But defending the Declaration of Independence is NOT an effort to excuse any aspect of slavery. It is to show you the genius of a country."

"People say, 'How could the founders approve the phrase "all men are created equal" when many of them owned slaves? How did they miss that?' Well, they didn't miss that," Glenn continued.

He then explained that Thomas Jefferson included an anti-slavery passage in his first draft of the Declaration. In this draft, Jefferson blasted King George for condoning slavery and preventing the American colonies from passing legislation to ban slavery.

So what happened?

Watch the video clip above to hear Glenn detail America's founding documents and explain how progressives are using the abomination of slavery in America's past to destroy the unified strength of our country's future.

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