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Glenn Beck weighs in on the border crisis and the MSM's 'most revolting kind of outrage

Glenn Beck weighs in on the border crisis and the MSM's 'most revolting kind of outrage

This will probably come as a shock to you, but the liberal media is outraged … again. The current hullabaloo is over the evil Trump administration’s “new” practice of separating illegal immigrant children from their parents -- a humanitarian crisis that is anything but new to Glenn Beck.

“None of this is new,” said Glenn on today’s show. “Now, this is not convenient for the Left’s talking points, but this is not a problem of President Trump. He did not issue an executive order to put kids in cages. Things are very wrong at the border, but we’ve been telling you this for a very long time. This was going on four years ago, I brought this up and no one in the press would talk about it. It was wrong then and it is wrong now.”

The media’s vastly different reaction to what’s going on today, compared to 2014, has more to do with who’s in the Oval Office than any genuine concern for these kids. Everyone knows that Trump-bashing is a surefire way to make headlines and boost viewer traffic.

We visited the border when the Left’s candidate was in the Oval Office, and the Left didn’t care at all. I called them, I begged them to cover it, I told them that children were being separated from their families. None of them cared.” said Glenn. He added, “The worst ones are the ones who only care when it furthers their political agenda … not out of compassion for children, but to take down the president... This is the phoniest, most revolting kind of outrage.”

Glenn called for politicians to focus on fixing the problem, bringing up Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) emergency proposal meant to address and mitigate immigrant family separations at the border.

"Yes, let's help them stay together as a family and treat people as human beings," said Glenn, adding,"Don't we all win? Actually, no, because practical fixes and being reasonable doesn't generate the same kind of headlines and outrage. Who wants to talk about boring policy solutions when you've got soundbites of crying kids? Outrage drives the gravy-train."

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