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Glenn: If colluding with Russia isn't a crime, then what is it?

Glenn Beck

Is it a crime to meet with people on the promise of foreign interference with an election?

Glenn Beck opened up the floor to callers on Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to see what TheBlaze audience thinks of Donald Trump, Jr.’s emails planning a meeting to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton from the Russian state.

A story in the New York Times on Monday claimed that the younger Trump had emails about meeting with the “crown prosecutor of Russia” to learn “highly sensitive” information about Clinton because the Russian government wanted to support his campaign. On Tuesday, Trump, Jr. himself tweeted screenshots of the emails verifying that the story was accurate.

On Wednesday’s show, Glenn reminded people that it’s important not to wear a “term jersey” if you want to share a nuanced perspective; the country doesn’t necessarily need to hear more from people who are deeply loyal only based on partisan lines.

In today’s political discourse, people are often reactionary and subjective. Can principled people remain consistent and identify right and wrong in political scandals?

“We have to get to a place to where we ask ourselves in advance of a scandal, ‘Does it matter?’” Glenn said.

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